E3 Group Ltd
E3 Group focuses on energy, environmental and efficiency projects. We work with experts in each field to deliver efficiency in energy and environmental solutions.

COOLNOMIX® is an innovative energy efficiency device easily retrofitted to air conditioning and refrigeration installations, and is achieving energy savings in the range of 20-40% (actual savings over 10,000 installs) by optimising the run-time of the compressor. 

AirMop (Odour Control) - an amazing technology (patent) that finally replaces masking solutions for bad odours and germs. AirMop eliminates odours and fluid spills using environmentally friendly minerals, polymers and natural oils packaged in a pocket pad. Ideal for anyone with an odour issue. Consumers can purchase directly from our website www.airmop.co.nz

Also involved as management consultants on various projects.

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