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COOLNOMIX™ is a patented power ($) saving device that uses a secondary measurement sensor to deliver significant  power savings on commercial air conditioning/refrigeration systems.  

The mission is simple – 
“to reduce running costs by 30% worldwide in all types of refrigerant based air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration installations."

COOLNOMIX™ products make use of unique, patented advanced control technology called Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS™). This control technology uses algorithmic energy trading to ensure that running costs are always in step with required comfort/space cooling needs.

COOLNOMIX™ ORS™ control technology makes use of two temperature sensors and an algorithmic energy trading control system to deliver:

 ·  Unrivalled energy-saving performance compared with the best modern inverter systems

· Improved temperature stability and comfort assurance

·    Improved air quality with reduced carbon emissions

·   Zero dripping or icing eliminating a need for heaters

·    Improved performance and reliability

           AirMop is an earth and mineral based relative  humidity device which:

  •  Eliminates bad odours
             (we do not mask odours)
  •  Reduces bacteria and fungi
  •  Absorbs moisture from the air
  • Reduces odours associated with                    chemical usage

International Distributors welcome to enquire on distributing AirMop.